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Recommended Treatments to Benefit your wellbeing


People of all ages can benefit from OUR treatments, whether it is for treating current ailments or for preventative measures. Our practitioners will focus on both the root cause of your condition and the symptoms.


We specialise in the skilled use of a variety of techniques including, Bone Setting, Osteomyology, Sports Medicine, Therapeutic Massage for the muscles, ligaments and tendons, Acupuncture, Colonic Irrigation, Homeopathy, Reflexology, Naturopahty, Allergy Testing, Thai Massage, Lomi, Lomi, Ultrasound and Nutritional and Exercise advice including Personal Training. Please see below for further details.


"City Healing is a fantastic clinic. Anthony has been treating me for 7 years, even though we now live in London I still use City Healing. It is so fantastic that you can have manipulation, acupuncture and sports/remedial massage all in one treatment." Fiona Barrat-Cambell. International Celebrity Interior Designer 2014

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We mainly use Manipulation Techniques to treat all forms of joint conditions. Traditionally these techniques were referred to as Bone setting. Tthere is no better feeling than having all of your joints realigned. Most patients tells us that "I can function better now that I have been straightened, and all the pain has gone".


Perfect for:

Sleep disturbances, menstrual concerns, chronic migraines, headaches, seasonal flu and other conditions alike.



Our specialists will start by just resetting the joints though of course is that just the joints that we manipulate - even the muscles tendons and ligaments will be treated to restore your body to a state of balance without the use of medication and surgery. This is achieved by stretching and massaging both your joints and muscles to increase mobility and encourage effective blood flow. We increase your proprioceptive communication within your body, thereby revitalizing your system and relieving symptoms of pain, dysfunction, and poor posture.





This treatment is highly recommended by our patients suffering from, back pain, joint pains, neurological symptoms (such as trapped nerves) and neck pain including whiplash, pregnancy related concerns, sciatic pain, sports injuries, chronic conditions such as arthritis, RSI, posture problems, musculoskeletal dysfunction, including flexibility of the joints and spine.




Viceral Manipulation is also used to maintain the necessary space between the internal organs, thus it will prevent you from suffering conditions and assists your function,structural imbalances throughout your body including musculoskeletal, vascular, nervous, urogenital, respiratory, digestive and lymphatic dysfunction. It evaluates and treats the dynamics of motion and suspension in relation to your organs, membranes, fascia and ligaments.





Acupuncture is hugely popular with City Healing clients who seek to eliminate pain, uneasiness, anxiety, stress or depression. Our experienced and competent practitioners use this traditional Chinese method to balance the flow of energy or life source by inserting fine needles in to the body’s meridians, thus increasing blood flow and igniting the body’s natural pain killers. You are left with a feeling of ease; your stress will diminish, your sleep will improve and you’ll feel a better sense of mental clarity after your treatment. You can expect a positive experience with both physical and emotional benefits.


Perfect for:

Our patients also enjoy using acupuncture to assist with a full body de-tox, to increase fertility and support with pregnancy issues including breached babies, overdue pregnancy and other hormonal related imbalances. Indeed, acupuncture is not a limited procedure as we also provide a highly popular non-surgical facelift which is proven to eliminate wrinkles and reduce the ageing process.





Whether you are suffering from a sports injury, or want to unwind and relax, or even if you need to loosen up a little then our Massage is perfect for you.


Perfect for:

We predominately use massage and body work to help release chronic muscular tension and pain, improve circulation, increase joint mobility, reduce mental and physical fatigue and stress and to promote faster healing of injured muscular tissue whether from repetitiveness, sports, surgery or otherwise.



We are known to provide the best in primary healthcare for those who merely require some of that much needed ‘me’ time. Using deep tissue techniques our therapists are experts in relieving and disposing any uncomfortable muscular tension. They will assess all areas causing stress or discomfort and gradually strengthen and lengthen the muscles lessening your sky-high stress levels. We will soften those crunchy shoulders, ease out any tension and massage all areas required for you to receive maximum relaxation.


After one of our massages expect to feel amazed; you will walk away feeling relaxed, with freedom from those long-term aches and pains, increased energy, heightened awareness, and greater productivity which will last for days!





We offer Sports Therapy and Post-Surgery Rehabilitation combined with injury preventation, repair and sports therapy massage to professional, semi-pro and amateur athletes.



We uniquely tailor the massage to the athletes needs and will provide a rehabilitation program combining exercise, therapy and massage to ensure quick repair and to increase sports performance. Many of our techniques are used for post-surgery rehabilitation and care and we will use a variation of sports therapy, remedial and Swedish massage to promote faster healing. After the initial assessment our professional therapists use a combination of massage, heat, ice, electricity and exercise to provide immediate care and thus eliminating any requirement for conventional drugs or surgery.


Perfect for:

Sports massage is recommended for people with chronic pain, restricted range of motion or any regular injuries requiring deep tissue manipulation.


Our sports therapy can be used as part of an injury prevention program, or as a post-event remedial wind down or even to encourage optimum levels of functional, occupational and sports fitness throughout the year.





What will Colon Hydrotherapy do for me?


Here at City Healing digestive health is paramount to a healthy and stress-free lifestyle. We want you to feel the same! Our hydro therapists all derive from varying health and fitness backgrounds and are keen to help you with your digestive health. We provide more than just a treatment; we offer you free diet and nutritional advice, allow time for a full and thorough consultation prior to your treatment and focus solely on your own aims and objectives. Our male and female practitioners understand your specific needs and will always tailor your treatment accordingly.



Using fully disposable equipment ensuring the safest and most hygienic colonic hydrotherapy treatment, we leave you feeling well after cleansing the colon of waste material, using a gentle and repeated flushing of water to clear away harmful bacteria and waste from the body. We are passionate about making sure that you receive maximum benefit from your treatment and are happy to provide you with personalised de-tox, weight-loss or fitness program afterwards.


Perfect for:

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, bloated-ness, abdominal pains, low energy and concentration levels, stress and anxiety, acne and sleep disturbances. Also recommended by our treatments to aid weight loss, detoxification, clearer skin and mental performance.





Do you want to lead the life that you deserve?


Our aim is to educate you in to making better and healthier decisions so you can do just that. At City Healing we use Naturopathy to treat acute and chronic ailments; we create treatment plans taking all aspects of your health in to consideration and we will teach you self-care so you are able to make the necessary lifestyle changes to achieve your best possible health.



Our Naturopaths believe that prevention is better than cure and whether feel you need assistance with changing your behaviour or help with your nutrition, or even if you feel as though you need to curb a habit, our physicians are qualified in helping you improve. Through our understanding of the body, mind and spirit we use holistic methods and a variety of therapies including medicine, homeopathy and acupuncture to successfully treat most conditions and ailments. So, expect to feel relieved, less anxious, happier and positive after seeing a physician at City Healing.


Perfect for:

We successfully help the following conditions, anxiety, depression, OCD, Parkinson’s, sciatica, autism, ADHD, quitting smoking, digestive system disorders including constipation, indigestion, gastritis, respiratory tract infections and food intolerances. We also treat the dermatological, uro-genital, muscular-skeletal and cardiovascular systems with various Naturopathic techniques.





Nobody likes to feel tired, lethargic and achy. Itchy eyes, throat, congestion, abdominal pains, bloated-ness, vomiting, migraines, cramping – the list is endless – and none of these feel good. At City Healing we want you to achieve that great feeling. Our objective is to make you feel comfortable in your own skin, which means getting to the root cause of those allergies, deficiencies or immunologic diseases.

Book your Allergy Testing today.



We will conduct seventy different tests for allergies including (but not limited to) yeast, dairy, animals, hay fever, eczema and mites we use non-invasive methods as an effective way to see what is really going on inside. We will help you to establish ways to improve your lifestyle, by diminishing any allergens and making you feel better, to live better!


We want you to really know yourself and so encourage all of our patients to bring to their appointment, any existing medication, steroid creams or products which they would like to be tested. Please note that we provide healthcare which is suitable for both adults and young children.


Perfect for:

By visiting one of our allergists, you can expect an accurate diagnosis of any allergies or deficiencies in your body, followed by a treatment plan that really works and educational information to help you manage your intolerances, allergies or ailments.

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