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The Science of Healing Arts Academy and Assocition


If you would like to learn the science of healing and create new opportunities for your career study these pages and apply to enrol in our courses. This web site shows you the type of subjects and skills you can acquire. Prices range from £99 per day for 20 day course including certification. See Full details on our price and terms pages. You can also download full information on course fees, dates and application forms.



Animal Treatment.


Equine, Canine and Feline Body Adjustments is a method of treatment that uses the animals body movement to maintain and restore normal function and movement.As with human joint manipulation this holistic treatment uses a variety of techniques to identify and treat the causes of pain and discomfort in in most mamals. Quite often the area of discomfort may not be the actual root of the problem and can be as a result of referred pain from another area. By completing a full assessment of the animal from top to tail the real cause can be identified and treated



Audley Fraser Fitness


Audley is a highly motivated and respected Personal Trainer. He is qualified and practices SporstsTtherapy, Massage, Dry needling and Manipulation. Audley is a certified instructor of Kickboxing, Spinning, Boxercise, KoBo, postural assesment and correction.and now holds a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Chinese Kickboxing and is ranked 3rd Europe under the BNMAA.




Health Shield Insurance Plan


One of the UK’s leading providers of health cash plans. Health Shield is an award winning friendly society and market leading provider of health cash plans and health and wellbeing benefits.





The Art of High Velocity Techniques


If you are a professional provider of osteopathic services you will find here much useful information about continuing professional development and other resources. As a new addition, you might also like to browse round our shop, where you can find useful gels and other applications.







Unity 101 Community Radio


Cultural Media Enterprise Limited is an independent locally based voluntary organisation, operating as Unity101 Community Radio. Our philosophy is 'By the community, for the community and to the community', and our aim is promote and broadcast the music and culture of Asian and minority ethnic communities in Southampton. A culturally sensitive programme will meet the training, skills, and capacity needs of our volunteers and listeners, so as they are better able to participate more fully in a cohesive society.




Gary Stubbington PGA Professional


The Golf Shop at Hockley offers you the latest in equipment, fashion and advice. Whatever your golfing needs, we are confident that you will find the answer by visiting our Professional’s shop. We are open 7 days a week from 8am, so why not visit our Pro shop to get great advice and a great deal